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Dear members of the ERH Society of North America, 

Although it is not much evident, the Society has a leadership, available when needed: president, vice-pres., treasurer, secretary, plus 3 councilors (or wisemen).  The president until his death in March was Russ Keep.  V.-p. was Dan Hussey; Treasurer, Terry Simmons; Sec’y, NF.  Councilors: Darrol Bryant, Peter Leithart, David Bade.

With Russ’s passing, Dan Hussey has agreed to step up to the presidency;  David Bade will become vice-pres.; treasurer and secretary remain the same. The new councilor, succeeding Bade, is Ed Casey of Minneapolis, who meets the criterion of sagacity. 

Here are the e-dresses of these gentlemen:

Dan Hussey - dr_gr_h16774 at q.com <mailto:dr_gr_h16774 at q.com>
David Bade - dwbade1958 at outlook.com <mailto:dwbade1958 at outlook.com>
Terry Simmons - terry at environment-lawyer.com <mailto:terry at environment-lawyer.com>
Norman Fiering - norman_fiering at brown.edu <mailto:norman_fiering at brown.edu>
Darrol Bryant - mdbryant at uwaterloo.ca <mailto:mdbryant at uwaterloo.ca>
Edward Casey - eminmn at sysmatrix.net <mailto:eminmn at sysmatrix.net>
Peter Leithart - leithart at aol.com <mailto:leithart at aol.com>

Terms are for 3 years, with the councilors terms staggered.

Comments are welcome.


Norman Fiering
(Director and Librarian Emeritus
John Carter Brown Library)
Correspondence should be directed to: Wayland Manor, 
500 Angell St. (Apt. 519),
Providence, RI 02906
Norman_Fiering at brown.edu

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