[ERH Society] Seeking information about ERH and Herman Hesse

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Thank you, Ray.   I have ERH’s Soziologie  in storage somewhere.  I shall find it. With every good wish, Doug 


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Hermann Hesse pops up several times in the Soziologie, as an example of modernity. I think it's safe to say that he honored Hesse as he honored Marx, Freud, Darwin, and Nietzsche, his four "dysangelists." He was careful to separate the achievements of many such titans from the impact of their thinking and from the acts of their followers. 


The interesting references to Hess are on pages 262, 422, and 739 of the Soziologie--at least on the DVD. There is also one example of a magazine publication of "Hegel und unsere Geschlecht" that comes up when you search for Hesse, but it's only the fact that Hesse wrote the article that immediately precedes ERH's, so Hesse's "signature" comes right before ERH's title.


That's all I could find on first blush.




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Hello!  Guten Tag alle miteinander!


I’v read an essay by Herman Hesse, “Die Sehnsucht unserer Zeit nach einerWeltanschauung,” first published in 1926 or 1927 and then © Suhrkamp Verlag, 1971,  and wonder if ERH makes any references to Hesse in his writings.    


With every good wish / Mit freundlichsten Gruessen,


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Vermont, USA. July 2015

            The Board of Directors of the Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy Fund meets once a year, in July. The Fund has been in existence as a non-profit incorporated entity in the state of Vermont since 1976. At the end of the most recent meeting, on July 12, I was asked to compose a brief report on actions taken or information presented at the meeting that might be of interest to the members of the ERH Society of North America, to the Respondeo circle in the Netherlands, and to the ERH Gesellschaft in Germany.  The most important news at the meeting, I think, was Raymond Huessy’s . . .

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